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Our Mission

The Union Township Historical Society's mission, with community support and involvement, is to preserve and promote the rich and diverse history of the Township of Union, Union County, New Jersey.


The collection and preservation of historical artifacts, photographs, manuscripts, published works, and other materials related to the history of the Township and its residents is fundamental to this mission, as is the preservation of the 1782 historic Caldwell Parsonage, which serves as the Society's museum and headquarters.


Also fundamental to the mission is encouraging the preservation and appreciation of historic sites and structures within the Township.  In support of this mission, the society displays its permanent collection, mount exhibits, develops and implements educational  programs, issues publications, and makes its resources and expertise available to the public.


Holiday Craft Workshop, 12/8

          The UTHS will host a Holiday Craft Workshop on Sunday, December 8, from 2 to 4 pm at the Caldwell Parsonage, 909 Caldwell Avenue, Union.

          Children of all ages, accompanied by a guardian, are welcome to attend.  Members will assist the children in decorating Gingerbread People and in making pomanders and various ornaments. 

          Pomanders are fresh citrus fruit decorated in designs made with whole cloves.  Pomanders date back to the Middle Ages, when they were used as room fresheners and hung as good luck charms.  Today, we use pomanders as ornaments hung on trees or placed in bowls for holiday scents.

          Refreshments will be served.

          Reservations are required by December 1.  Event is limited to 20 participants.

          To register, send an email with your name, child’s or children’s names, and a phone number to Marie Canarelli at

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