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The Union Township Historical Society's mission, with community support and involvement, is to preserve and promote the rich and diverse history of the Township of Union, Union County, New Jersey.


The collection and preservation of historical artifacts, photographs, manuscripts, published works, and other materials related to the history of the Township and its residents is fundamental to this mission, as is the preservation of the 1782 historic Caldwell Parsonage, which serves as the Society's museum and headquarters.


Also fundamental to the mission is encouraging the preservation and appreciation of historic sites and structures within the Township.  In support of this mission, the society displays its permanent collection, mount exhibits, develops and implements educational  programs, issues publications, and makes its resources and expertise available to the public.



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Please use the contact form below or call 908.687.7977 to schedule a private tour of the Caldwell Parsonage.


Tours are open to all at special events or by appointment.

Crossroads of the American Revolution Site

Part of the Battle of Connecticut Farms and Site of Death of Hannah Caldwell

Hannah Caldwell trading card.png

For 67 years, the Union Township Historical Society, a non-profit, has maintained the Caldwell Parsonage at 909 Caldwell Avenue, Union.  

Admission is free.  The museum shop offers history-themed gifts and souvenirs, including postcards.  Donations are gratefully accepted.

Volunteer interpreters (docents) provide tours of the four-room house, which was rebuilt by 1789, having been burned to the ground by the British in 1780.  The adjacent carriage house displays vintage farm implements, an Edison gramophone, antique household implements, phones, office equipment, 1950's TV's, and 1930's radios.

Rev. James Caldwell, portrayed by first-person interpreter, Meridoc Burkhardt, frequently greets visitors and recalls the heroism of his wife on that fateful day during the American Revolution--June 7, 1780.

Private tours for individuals, families, or groups are also available by calling 908-591-4377 and leaving a message, including a phone number.

The UTHS is eagerly anticipating the celebration of our nation's 250th birthday in 2026.  The trustees and members are working to spruce up the museum buildings and grounds.  The driveway was recently repaved, and the AC has been upgraded.  Next up will be replacing the roof on the carriage house.



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